Pay anywhere,
anytime with Interac®

Pay on a merchant’s app or website via your online banking or with Interac e‑Transfer®

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One Experience

Two ways to pay

Number one
The most convenient: Interac via Online Banking

You will be automatically redirected to your bank’s app to accept the payment request.

Number two
The most familiar: Interac e‑Transfer

You log into your bank’s app to send an Interac e-Transfer with the information we provide.


Why Canadians choose PayDirect

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Payments Within Seconds

Instant satisfaction with payments and withdrawals

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100% Bank Coverage

The Interac network covers 250+ banks and credit unions

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Available 24/7/365

Holidays and weekend won’t slow down your payments

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The experience you know

Pay the same way you send money to a friend


InLife™ nothing is simple, but your payments can be.


Getting into the game just got easier

Paying with Interac means instant satisfaction, giving your fantasy team a leg up on the competition. Simply pay via online banking or send money using Interac e‑Transfer.


Buying online is seamless

Use Interac to shop at your favourite online stores directly through the merchant’s mobile app or website–where offered. There’s no need to sign up for an account; simply shop, click, and buy. It’s that easy.


Playing your cards right

Whether you are playing against your friends or against the house, keep your focus in the game with simple payments with Interac. There’s no sign up, no bank account numbers to provide, and no credit card fees.


There are no fees when you pay or withdraw with Interac.

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We can help

Do you have questions about our services, your payment, or your withdrawal? Check out our most frequently asked questions, or contact our team.

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